WandaVision Finale: Questions and Unresolved Threads We Were Left With


If you haven’t seen the WandaVision finale yet, stop reading now. But if you have, let’s continue.

The first (and for now, only) season of WandaVision finally came to an end more than a week ago. Director Matt Shackman warned viewers that those with theories would be disappointed by the finale. Did you have theories? If you did, did you try to keep an open mind? A few of my theories were totally wrong, yet I still enjoyed how the WandaVision finale episode played out.

But despite resolving the main plot concerning Wanda’s takeover of Westview (which might have repercussions going forward), WandaVision has left us with plenty to digest! Besides the obvious knowledge that the show will tie in to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there are other little plots that still need to be resolved.

What is Wanda up to?

Image credit: ♈︎ via Twitter

The last scene we were shown in the WandaVision finale was of Wanda reading the Darkhold. This seemed like the biggest reference to the sequel to Doctor Strange. Twitter user Brian | tFatWS era noticed a connection to the Master of the Mystic Arts in the music. Can you hear Doctor Strange’s theme here with a more sinister tone?

If you need a refesher on what the Doctor Strange theme sounds like, here you go (you should be able to hear the similaries right at the beginning):

With that out of the way, the scene of Wanda reading the Darkhold could mean horrific things for the rest of the world. The book previously featured heavily in season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as in the the third and final season of Marvel’s Runaways. In AoS, the Darkhold corrupted those who read it, either turning them mad and eventually killing them or causing them to crave more power at the expense of anyone. It eventually fell into the hands of Aida, a Life Model Decoy (LMD) created by Holden Radcliffe. While Aida originally used the book to help the team, even its mainframe was corrupted by the Darkhold, leading it to secretly kidnap the entire team and imprison them in an artificial reality. Eventually the book helped Aida to create a body for itself that it infused with the inhuman abilities of electrokinesis, regeneration (close to immortal), teleportation, superhuman strength, and superhuman reflexes.

If the same thing happens for Wanda, it may push her to break down the barriers between the multiverse, especially since it was implied she’s trying to get her “children” back. Or she could end up summoning the original owner and author of the book, who, in the comics, is the demonic elder God, Cthon. That could definitely cause Doctor Strange to take notice and do something about it.

Alternatively, the MCU may continue to disregard the facts about the Darkhold established in AoS. If so, the book could help Wanda gain greater understanding of her power, which may lead to Doctor Strange requesting her assistance with with the threat to their reality.

What was Agatha warning Wanda about?

Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Before Wanda imprisoned Agatha in Westview, the witch claimed that Wanda didn’t know what she had unleashed. Was Agatha holding something in place with her magic? And now that she was disabled, it was now free? The witch clearly showed her lust for more power, so perhaps she had been taking magic from others for hundreds of years. Could she have imprisoned several powerful beings, and now that her control over those prisons was destroyed, they would all wreak havoc on the world?

There are plenty of possibilities that Agatha’s warning could mean. It could also be that her warning of what’s to come will feature heavily in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Whatever it is, Agatha Harkness fans would love for the witch to continue to star in the MCU. We certainly need more characters as complex as Loki. After all, in the comics, Agatha played a more supportive role for the Scarlet Witch.

Where did the true Vision go?

Imate credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

The confrontation between Westview’s Vision and the White Vision ended with the latter learning that he is the true Vision. But as soon as he realised this, he left, instead of going to help Wanda. So, where did he go then and why did he leave?

We should remember that while the true Vision returned, he came back without the Mind Stone. His emotional state wasn’t revealed, although his initial reaction might be to confront those who used his body as a weapon. Could that mean he would go after former S.W.O.R.D. Director, Tyler Hayward, who we last saw being led away in cuffs? That might seem out of character for Vision but even though he has his memories, is he the same Vision? His departure does cause doubt.

Vision might instead turn up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness although the movie is being kept tightly under wraps not to give anything away. Also, Paul Bettany was not announced to be part of the cast. The title gives away that the issue of the multiverse will be addressed, and Vision encountering other versions of himself could help him understand who he is now.

Alternatively, Vision could find more understanding of his current state if he explored the legacy of Iron Man that will be addressed in Armor Wars. It’s very early to make any predictions on that series, although Hayward’s abuse of Vision’s body is the first clear instance of Tony’s technology being used in a way he had not intended, esecially after the debacle with Ultron. The comic series that Armor Wars will be based on did feature Iron Man confronting those who were using his technology for their own gain.

Have we seen the last of Tyler Hayward?

Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

While Hayward was arrested in the WandaVision finale, is his story finished? While some characters in the MCU have made only one appearance, others have returned after long absences. William Hurt returned as Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America: Civil War, eight years later after his last appearance in The Incredible Hulk.

WandaVision showed that Hawyard had those who were loyal to him in S.W.O.R.D. Perhaps his supporters might break him out and he could cause further harm for the agency. It’s also unclear what the state of S.W.O.R.D. is after Hayward’s departure. Monica is clearly on a different path as revealed in the final episode.

Since Hayward appropriated Stark technology for his own gain, he also might appear again in Armor Wars. This remains to be seen.

What’s next for Monica Rambeau?

GIF credit: JoaoGifeiro via tenor

It was announced ahead of the WandaVision premiere that actress Teyonah Parris would feature in the sequel to Captain Marvel. But it’s also been rumoured that she could reprise her role as Monica Rambeau in the upcoming series, Secret Invasion. It is pretty obvious Captain Marvel 2 will see Monica come to greater understanding of her powers she acquired from Wanda’s hex. Perhaps she might seek out Carol for some pointers? In an earlier episode of WandaVision though, it seems there are some unresolved issues between Carol and Monica.

Another question that must be answered is which friend of her mother’s was the skrull referring to? “He” could either mean Nick Fury or Talos. The last we saw those two, the former was somewhere in space commanding other skrulls while the latter was impersonating Fury on earth. Based on that scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the most likely answer is Nick Fury, since the skrull in the Wandavision finale pointed up to space when speaking to Monica.

Dicussions on Twitter also pointed out a question of the MCU timeline. WandaVision revealed that it was set about three to four weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame, while the best guesses regarding Spider-Man: Far From Home put it at about eight months after the last Avengers sequel. That could mean that Monica could have been with Fury already before the second Spider-Man movie in the MCU. Why didn’t Fury send Monica down instead of asking for Peter’s help? If this question ever gets answered, it could be because Nick wanted to test Spider-Man since Iron Man had been grooming him to join the Avengers. It could also be that Monica was somewere else on a mission for Fury during Spider-Man’s battle against the fake Elementals.

Side note

Also, what’s next for FBI Agent Jimmy Woo and Doctor Darcy Lewis? Both characters were more than welcome additions to the story of WandaVision and both shined more than they did as supporting characters in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Thor and Thor: The Dark World respectively. Fans have already put forward that they would be interested in a show focusing on the two characters.

Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

That’s all the questions and unresolved threads I could pick up from the WandaVision finale. Was there anything you spotted? Let me know in the comments!

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Theories

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is just over two weeks away from the release of its first episode. At long last, we’ll be getting to see how the legacy of Captain America will be addressed. We’ll also get a greater look at America post-Blip, which we haven’t seen yet (Spider-Man: Far From Home only showed New York a few times). We’ve only gotten glimpses of what the country looks like after everyone returned after Thanos’s snap was reversed courtesy of WandaVision.

So, what can we expect from this series focusing on two of Cap’s dearest friends? Let’s dive into some Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories!


Now, everything that follows will be pure speculation. But if any of these theories are correct, best steer clear of this post until you watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Falcon and Winter Soldier
Image credit: Disney

We’ll get to see how society reacted to Steve’s actions during Captain America: Civil War

Since news and trailers have shown the government will install their version of Captain America, it’s clear Steve’s last actions had a lasting impact. He opposed the Accords, broke his fellow Avengers out of prison, and went on the run. Tie-in comics revealed he continued to do good, but in secret across the world. It’s evident then that he pretty much ruined his status as Captain America (although in Avengers: Endgame, he wore the suit again, I always felt Steve took on the mantle to embody an ideal, not necessarily to serve the government).

It’s no surprise then to see a rally taking place to launch the next Captain America. It also seems the government’s actions have plenty of support, clear by the multitude in the stadium cheering as U.S. Agent runs onto the field. That could mean then that society at large had lost faith in Steve Rogers. It also means they don’t approve of his choice in handing over the mantle to Sam Wilson. The Falcon will have a tough time living up to the name of Captain America is one of my main Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories.

Rally to promoto U.S. Agent as new Captain America - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

Sam might become Captain America by the end of the season

With all the marketing going on around the series, it’s obvious Sam will take on the identity of Captain America by the time the (first) season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ends. Merchandise has confirmed it and later trailers have shown Sam using the shield in battle. But to make it interesting, we’ll get to see the walls Falcon will have to break down to claim the mantle.

What if Bucky becomes Captain America instead?

We might also see Sam try to talk Bucky into assuming the role during the season. Since the Winter Soldier will be getting back in action, his previous combat experience as an elite assassin might make Falcon tempted enough to ask him. But that remains to be seen. Many fans have rightly pointed out that Bucky has endured so much trauma and wouldn’t want to assume the role. It’s a surprise to see him in action again. Perhaps he had enough time to emotionally heal after the events of Avengers: Endgame. In terms of physical requirements, he seems an ideal candidate. But one of my major Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories is that the former assassin would need to prove himself, and might still not want the mantle. In the comics, while he did assume the Captain America identity, he seemed relieved to give it back to Steve (if you haven’t read the comics, leave me a comment and I’ll perhaps write a post about the times Steve gave up the shield and eventually took it back!).

Falcon with the shield of Captain America - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

U.S. Agent will become one of the good guys

Hear me out before you decide to skip this section. While we have seen the MCU do major changes to characters connected with Captain America (also information which can make up another blog post), there are little connections.

The movies changed Bucky from a boy following Captain America’s exploits to his best friend, which I didn’t mind at all. Falcon’s life as a criminal never was shown in the movies, but perhaps that will be addressed in the series.

In the comics, Jonathan Walker (U.S. Agent) started as an antagonist to Steve. When he became Captain America, he did things the previous character would never do. He was more violent and less humane, which led to clashes between him and Steve. Eventually, rogue agents within the government order Walker to do certain acts, like torture, which he was not comfortable with. He later realised his version of Captain America was inspiring fear, and after a later fight between him and the Red Skull (in which Steve intervenes and assists), U.S. Agent is ordered by the government to give back the identity, to which he gladly obeys.

Here’s where I introduce another of my Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories. Without Steve in the case of the series, it might be that the government will take a harder stance before letting Sam take over as Captain America. Perhaps through his activities, Walker will see how the government forces him to taint the image of the mantle. He might become disgusted with such methods. Also, confrontations between him and Sam might inform him more of Steve’s legacy. If such events happen in the series, he may decide to give Sam the shield and identity and adopt the moniker of U.S. Agent.

Time will tell though if he gets to join the Avengers (which he did briefly in the comics).

U.S. Agent - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

Zemo may end up creating a new terrorist organisation

Helmut Zemo in the MCU is not like his comic counterpart. The current Zemo in the comics is a descendant of one of Captain America’s original enemies during World War II and a leading member of Hydra.

In the MCU, Zemo has no love for Hydra, clearly depicted when he tortured a former Hydra member for information. This version of Zemo had a grudge to settle with the Avengers, which he was successful in achieving, unlike most MCU villains. In the latest trailers, he proclaims that “superheroes, should not exist”. His hatred of the Avengers seems to have evolved into one for anyone who follows a similar lifestyle.

If he’s now out to eradicate all superheroes, he probably won’t do it alone. This is why one of my Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories says he might create a terrorist organisation to take out Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Zemo - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

War Machine will play a small part

Less than a month ago, Marvel Studios announced that Don Cheadle would reprise his role as Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But footage for the show still hasn’t revealed him and the show will probably focus mostly on Sam and Bucky. Although, the trailer scene showing Sam handling some hi-tech case (which is probably his new wings). It could be that he got that because of War Machine.

Rhodey might also be one of those who support Steve’s decision in naming Sam as his successor. As a military man, he would be able to understand Sam’s point of view. Falcon may end up needing a few pushes to help him decide to take on the role of Captain America.

One of the most probable Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories is that War Machine’s inclusion might also mean that the series may set up Armor Wars in some way, perhaps in a mid- or post-credit scene at the end of the season.

War Machine - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

Will Sharon Carter join the team that Bucky and Sam created?

In the comics, Sharon was romantically involved with Cap and joined him on many adventures. She also was included in teams he formed. She additionally helped Steve with tactical decisions and battle strategies.

With Steve out of the picture, Sharon has no romantic attachment that may cause her to join whatever Falcon and Winter Soldier are forming. But trailers have shown her in one scene interacting with the two. Previously she assisted Cap behind the scenes in Captain America: Civil War. She may have done this because she had feelings for Steve, but I also felt that she did because she clearly showed support early on for Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, well before he revealed the existence of Hydra within S.H.I.E.L.D.

Since she’s affiliated herself with the mindset of Captain America, and because her actions during the final Captain America sequel led to her going on the run, that might be why she will assist Sam and Bucky with their investigations and battles. One of my Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories suggests she could continue to join their efforts and form part of their team. Perhaps even become an Avenger? I might be reaching there.

Sharon Carter - Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories
Image credit: Disney

So, those are some of my top Falcon and the Winter Soldier theories. How do you think the much anticipated Marvel TV show in Disney+ will turn out? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image courtesy of 🕸MATT MENDI🕸 via Twitter

WandaVision Finale Predictions

The first (and for now, only) season of WandaVision has proven to be a hit for MCU fans. 2020 was the first time we didn’t get a single MCU installment in an entire year. I couldn’t have been the only fan to feel goosebumps upon hearing the theme with the montage of top moments of the MCU showing through the letters of Marvel Studios.

And Episode 8 did not disappoint, leaving us with major reveals and more questions as well as the promise of an epic final battle.


If you haven’t caught up yet with the latest episodes, stop reading now! Unless you don’t mind spoilers. If you do, wait until you’ve watched up until episode 8 before reading below.

Before we knew it, eight episodes have been released, and the finale will be upon us in a few days. There are many theories and predictions about the WandaVision finale and how it will impact Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Is Wanda indeed a mutant? Will Doctor Strange make an appearance? Is it still accurate to predict that Wanda will be the villain of the show and the Doctor Strange sequel?

WandaVision finale
Image credit: wand.amax via Instagram

Wanda might not be revealed to a mutant after all

Episode 8 revealed that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, a mythological being in the lore of witches. The episode also showed that Wanda didn’t get her powers from the Mind Stone (as previously established in the MCU). The Mind Stone instead awakened her abilities, by showing her a vision of her future (as the Scarlet Witch).

Fans have been theorising that WandaVision will introduce mutants to the MCU. With Evan Peter’s Quicksilver (from the now dead Fox X-Men universe) shown to be a fake in the last two episodes, that theory seems to have lost some of its grounding.

Some websites, like CBR, have already put forward the theory that mutants have been in the MCU all along. That would be convenient for Wanda’s sake, but where are the rest then? That seems like an issue that might be explored in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, especially since the final episode, while the longest in the season, will only be 50 minutes.

Another factor to consider is, if Marvel Studios is trying to tie Wanda closer to her comic book counterpart, then she may not be a mutant after all. In the comics, Wanda (as the Scarlet Witch) was originally thought to be a mutant. It was revealed much later that she and her brother Pietro were not mutants. Instead, they received their abilities because of the genetic tampering of a being known as the High Evolutionary. This being only did this due to the twins parentage, coming from a long line of warlocks and witches. In addition, their mother was the previous Scarlet Witch.

So, in the end, the final episode might not address this, since a lot of things will be happening.

WandaVision finale
Image credit: lilyflower ash via Twitter

Ultron will return in the form of the White Vision

Episode 8’s mid-credit scene revealed what S.W.O.R.D. had been working on: to reactivate Vision’s body. The last moments of the reveal showed the synthezoid awakening, with his behaviour and expression clearly nothing like the Vision we have come to know. Could it instead be Ultron?

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron built Vision’s body for himself. It was meant to be his ultimate form. While that plan was foiled and Ultron was defeated, there has been speculation that the villain survived the events of that movie and has been waiting in the shadows to emerge again. That would be a faithful adaptation of the villain, who was far too easily defeated in the first Avengers sequel.

Alternatively, some have said that Tyler Hayward is secretly Ultron. This theory holds some ground, especially since Vision is able to change his appearances. But the hole in that theory is that Ultron never could do the same. He never got to upload his consciousness to Vision’s body. The only way Tyler could be Ultron would be if the A.I. had created another body like that of Vision’s. This might not be possible because Ultron was locked out of the internet by Vision.

Alternatively, the White Vision could be a completely new character. In the comics, the White Vision was, as in the MCU, the synthezoid rebuilt, although, in the comics, this was after he had been kidnapped and nearly destroyed. After he was rebuilt, he was devoid of emotion but still a hero. The last few moments of Episode 8 moves away from this, however. The White Vision had a somewhat sinister expression as he regarded his hand.

White Vision WandaVision finale
Image credit: marvel_gallery_ via Instagram

Vision will either resurrect or die in the finale

Since the White Vision was revealed, there have been many theories about how WandaVision’s finale will play out.

What is obvious is that S.W.O.R.D.’s Vision will be deployed to kill Wanda. What isn’t obvious yet is the abilities the White Vision will have. Vision’s abilities in the past were a combination of the vibranium and the Mind Stone. Without it, it remains to be seen what White Vision’s abilities will be since he has a different power source than the original Vision.

When White Vision confronts Wanda, she most likely will hesitate to destroy him since she might realise that it is the body of Vision, the one she loved. In the end, Westview-Vision might take on White Vision, and it’s not clear how that will play out. Either Wanda will destroy White Vision to save Westview-Vision or she will try to use her Chaos Magic to fuse the two.

It should also be noted it will be very much in character if Westview-Vision overpowers the S.W.O.R.D. version and destroys him, since he would never want his body to be used as a weapon.

S.W.O.R.D. will see a change in leadership

Since the last few episodes made it clear that S.W.O.R.D. is divided, there might be a confrontation similar to but smaller than the one in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The faction loyal to Maria’s memory and Monica seems similar in size to the one following Tyler Hayward. It could be that through the assistance of Darcy, Hayward’s plan and deception could be revealed for all of S.W.O.R.D. to see. This might show those who are truly loyal to S.W.O.R.D.’s original principles or the ideology of Hayward.

If this plays out for Monica’s faction, the organization would see a change in leadership and a return in focus to their original mission, namely manned missions and extraterrestrial operations. This could also mean that S.W.O.R.D. will stop treating enhanced individuals like Wanda with mistrust and, like S.H.I.E.LD. originally did, support them and provide a base of operations.

Scarlet Witch WandaVision finale
Image credit: Alex Maximoff (Let go of my children) via Twitter

Doctor Strange will appear in the final moments… or will he not?

Since WandaVision has been confirmed to lead into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, many fans and websites have been theorising and hoping for the character to make an appearance.

There have been also been theories that Doctor Strange has been in Westview all along, since he was “unavailable” according to Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

At first, it seemed Wanda would be a villain in the Doctor Strange sequel but as of the last few episodes of WandaVision, that theory doesn’t seem so convincing anymore.

While Wanda did create the Hex that encases Westview, she did not intentionally do it to capture the town’s residents. As Episode 8 revealed, the destination had a rundown look to it and the inhabitants seemed sad. As we’ve seen from Episode 1, these people have been living in a kind of paradise thanks to Wanda. It might be fake, but could it be some sort of therapy? Of course, that might not be true since on resident, Norm, who was clearly distressed after Vision awakened him from the control of the Hex.

Since Wanda seems to have all the answers as to how she created the Hex, perhaps she might feel differently about bringing it down, especially if Vision can convince her to let him go.

With her status as the Scarlet Witch revealed, perhaps Doctor Strange will appear to ask her for help.

Image credit: harrypotter_and_doctorstrange via Instagram

So, these are my predictions for the WandaVision finale. Do you have any? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image courtesy of lilyflower ash via Twitter.

P.S. For everyone hoping for Magneto to show up as Wanda’s father, that fact was retconned in the comics a few years back. It connects with her mother being the previous Scarlet Witch who was never involved with Magneto.

Secret Wars: How I’d Like the MCU to Adapt It

Back in mid-2020, the Russo Brothers, famous for top MCU movies, namely Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, mentioned they would only return to the franchise IF they could adapt Secret Wars.

What is Secret Wars?

This is where it may get confusing. When I heard about this, I thought the Russo Brothers were referring to a massive comic book series from 2015. But they may also have been alluding to a classic event from the 1980s (it’s the event where Spider-Man received his black costume, the alien symbiote that would eventually lead to the creation of Venom).

The 1980s event revolved around a cosmic being known as The Beyonder, who was fascinated with the superhumans on earth. Because of this fascination, he decided to pit a group of superheroes against supervillains. He teleported everyone against their will to a planet he created. Among the heroes, he brought now MCU favourites such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and She-Hulk, and X-Men characters like Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm, Colossus, among others. The villains included Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Ultron, and Kang the Conqueror. Afterwards, the characters were made to forget what happened, and that’s where the name “Secret Wars” came in.

Secret Wars
Image credit: Iska Vision via Twitter

The 2015 event (my favourite and very different), was a huge event which involved plenty of world-building and an epic build-up known as “Time Runs Out”. The bulk of the first act covers the activities of the Illuminati (a secret group of the smartest and most influential characters of earth, including Iron Man, Namor, Black Bolt, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange). They discover, to their horror, that the multiverse is collapsing, with the respective earths of each universe colliding with each other. These collisions were called ‘Incursions’. The only way a universe could survive was either by destroying its respective earth before an incursion, or by destroying the other universe’s earth during an incursion.

Who had caused this to happen? They didn’t have time to figure this out as their universe would soon face its first incursion. It was only as the last few universes were left that Ant-Man (Hank Pym, under the moniker of Yellowjacket) discovered the cause to be The Beyonders (I know, you’re probably thinking this is a spelling error, but no, these were a completely different set of characters and far more powerful). The mysterious beings were also actively working to kill anyone who could stop them from fulfilling their plan. Their targets included powerful cosmic entities who were far more powerful than the heroes of earth.

This frightening series of events and the horrific actions to ensure survival eventually led to a clash of wills. While the Illuminati committed to destroying other worlds to protect their universe, their actions later led to them being branded as criminals by Captain America.

On top of that, the entire universe learned of the incursions, and realised the destruction of the earth would ensure their survival. The Guardians of the Galaxy came to warn them and Rocket Raccoon ended up insulting them for staying and defending their planet.

Image credit: Iska Vision via Twitter

Many amazing actions took place during Time Runs Out. One of them was an epic weapon Iron Man created, a massive construction outside of the earth’s orbit. He named it ‘Sol’s Hammer’, since it was able to use energy from the sun to emit powerful blasts. He had originally aimed to use it to destroy earths that were set to collide with his. It became a critical weapon when the heroes of earth had to defend the planet against an armada that represented the entire universe.

While Tony Stark is no longer around in the MCU, up and coming tech geniuses could take his place to create powerful weapons such as Sol’s Hammer.

Eventually, the entire multiverse was destroyed, but its inhabitants were immediately saved by the actions of an unexpected character. Then, a new multiverse was created, but it ended being ruled by a tyrant.

Secret Wars
Image credit: Iska Vision via Twitter

While some characters from the source material would be missing, the MCU has proven it can adapt most stories to make them unique and memorable.

How Could Secret Wars be Adapted?

While there is no official news of Secret Wars being planned as the next massive crossover event, some groundwork is already underway.

With WandaVision currently airing, and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness plus the untitled sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home currently under production, the stage for a Secret Wars adaptation is actually being set. The upcoming Eternals movie will also feature the Celestials in greater detail (who also had their part to play in the lead up to Secret Wars). The upcoming Fantastic Four movie could also set up major players who were part of the main story of Secret Wars.

The Avengers weren’t the only major team to take part in the event. Besides the FF, the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a sinister group led by Thanos played a part (there is a way for him to return, although that can be explored much later in the MCU).

Secret Wars
Image credit: Iska Vision via Twitter

As you can see the entire scope of the later Secret Wars event make for ideal source material. Should it be done right, it could outdo the epic finale that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame provided for us. If you want Secret Wars to be adapted, what else do you think needs to happen for this massive crossover event to be adapted?

Featured image courtesy of Gamertalk10 via Twitter (Also check out their channel on YouTube!)
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